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My main interests and self-taught knowledge of artwork and hobbies.

Create artwork with wood burning(Pyrography) from expertise percision and detail too the effective outline, gradients and paint.
Use of a pen with bent piece of metal as a tip which heats up to various high tempartures for burning wood.
Wood that is light in colour, such as; pine or drift wood is ideal for pyrography art.
Carpenters are able to cut custom sized and shaped wood on request and order.

My Pyrography Process

  1. Design custom wood shapes on the computer
  2. Contact a carpenter and order wood
  3. Drill any holes required
  4. Use rough sand paper and smooth the wood
  5. Treatment with wood stain for better colour and grain.
  6. Leave to dry
  7. Sketch design very lightly in pencil
  8. Burn pyrography artwork
  9. Rub out any pencil sketching
  10. Mix of acrylic paints and slowing medium for longer time painting
  11. Paint artwork
  12. Leave to dry
  13. Use clear varnish for protecting paint and from skratches
  14. Leave to dry

I have made products with pyrography and are featured on Lexx.TV - Shop.

Pencil Drawing
By sketching with pencil and colours opens other opportunities of art, such as; pyrography, painting, digital art and airbrushing.
Help by looking at photos of poses, shadows and clothing gradients then try sketching and apply in my own drawing style.

My Drawing Process

  1. Purchase 120gsm to 150gsm thick white paper
  2. Sketch freehand lightly with blunt F pencil
  3. Sketch outlines harder with a B sharpened pencil
  4. Rub out sketch to poor visability with a soft rubber
  5. Colour with light coloured pencils first
  6. Colour and shadow with dark coloured pencils ontop
  7. Blend colours with white pencil
  8. Sketch outlines with blunt B6 and B4 sharpened pencil
  9. Use B2 sharpened pencil for words and extra shading

My Drawing Method

  1. Test of blunt, sharp and coloured pencil on scrap paper
  2. Use putty soft rubber for lessening hard pressed lines
  3. Use soft rubber for removing possible smudging
  4. Use hard rubber for removing lines
  5. Always clean rubber of pencil markings
  6. Never rub out on excess rubber shavings
  7. Use knife for blunt sketching pencils
  8. Use sharpener for sharpened pencils

Digital Expansion

  • Buying a Scanner offered a method to save drawings on the computer.
  • Purchase of Adobe Photoshop Software offered edit possbilities of the saved drawings.
  • Enhancing with Adobe Photoshop Tools of; Burn, Dodge, Sponge, Erase, Blur, Smudge, Clone Stamp, Layers and others for use on a website.
  • Purchase of Website Hosting and Website Domain offered me hard drive space and a permanent www. domain name.
  • Download of a FTP Uploader:Filezilla allowed uploading files to the hosting server for appearing online.
  • Purchase of a Wacom Tablet made sketching on screen with a computer pen possible.
  • Purchase of a Ink Printer with 300gsm or less thick paper offered printing enchanced drawings.

I have pencil and digital artwork featured on Lexx.TV - Drawing.

Practising with stencils and scrap, getting use too working with the airbrush and spray setting.
Create designs for your own stencils on paper and cutout, cover with masking tape and make them strong.
Design directly with masking tape onto the project.
Use of very small grain sandpaper on projects and with sanding machines.
Airbrushing the background first and working up in layers.
Clean the airbrush seriously good after use or it will seeze up.

My Airbrushing Process

  1. Have a windowed open room or windless outside area
  2. Buy or find something to airbrush
  3. Plan a design
  4. Create stencil shapes
  5. Stick stencils down with bluetac
  6. Seal off places not for painting with masking tape and newspaper or fabric
  7. Sand off and remove stickers
  8. Equipt googles and breathing mask
  9. Airbrush areas
  10. Leave to dry
  11. Remove stencils
  12. Remove masking tape, newspaper or fabric

My Airbrushing Method

  • Clean the airbrush very good after use
  • Keep equiptment away from the project area
  • Remain organised and keep simular equiptment together
  • Clean equiptment after use

Unfortantly due to only affording a rented flat of 1 room with a kitchen in; I am unable too conduct anymore airbrushing projects.

From living in Wales far away from shops and having long lasting ingredients in the house from the age of around 10 I learn't to cook, and continue to do so now.
Starting with buying small items needed and equiptment for cookery that helps me make the food I like and maybe some i'd like to know how to use.
Being relaxed from cooking and enjoy what I eat, I also learn from experimenting and creating interesting combinations for recipes.
Feeling confident in my new abilities as a chef I began a cookery college class and found they knew little by presenting me with a book for two weeks to write things about myself in, so I left.
Over the past few years I put together some recipes and decided to share them on Cookery.
A part from the usual meals I am able to make smoothies, soft sponge cakes and sometimes sweets when it suits.

Going outdoors for walks is a favourite past time for me and love finding new places to visit where not many people have ever gone before.
A lot of travelling in cars has been done by myself in very short distances where I use to stop at interesting locations and drawwhile eating chocolate and drinking pop.
Beaches are creative places where i'd think of stories to write by continuious talking while walking, but not out loud. Very peaceful in the dark.
Making my way up and leaning on the high winds of the mountains I've been known to do.
Venturing inside the forest areas, climbing and sitting in trees most the day waiting for the chance to scar some walker by shaking the tree who had to run a mile down a straight road to escape.
Building dens and small houses out of sticks found on the forests floor was good fun, you can find all sorts of things deep inside the forest like old falling down houses, beautiful open areas, tall fallen trees, strange ritual spots and old left behind items of vanished people.
Exploring the night to look at the stars on tall mountains, while sitting on rocks and sometimes even on top of caravan roofs with a telescope is an interest of mine.
I enjoy travelling to destinations with food to eat with a B.B.Q., camping out in a tent, sleeping in the back of the van or something built out of natural stuff.
See real photos of places I have visited in the Gallery.
Travelling around on the local roads I would see the little man burn't into some wood where i'd follow him into the wilderness on the rambler paths.
Climbing a hill, then mountain, I would look for other places but found myself just walking to another mountain or hill.

Riding a push bike is easy and have fell off many times around mountain areas, steep downhill roads, over gates and around winding country lanes where i'd find common land to cycle on.
Swimming has been something I use to do every friday night and had to go to the chippy afterwards.
I have been to a gym and got the membership, never kept it up though.
There has been a time where running around in circles in a large slopped field happened as a requirement for school.
Long walks 3 miles and 3 miles back and forth to the local shop was frequent and walking all the way to friends houses that were a village away.
Walking around inside the park is a favourite of mine, noticing the travelling fair visiting too sometimes.
I like growing vegetables and herbs outdoors in the garden when it is sunny for eating in the winter time when you cannot grow them.

An Escort Mk3 that is covered in graffitte, field bound, only worked with a bump start down hill or hot wired and snapped in half is located somewhere in Wales, it has my name on.
Locally aquired Escort Mk3 Estate and shopped by the family to police for underage driving on the criminal record with a tire that exploded in the middle of the night, a failed sale that got rallied up and down a dirty farm track till death.
3 Mini's have been in my posession:

  • One purple that got me 5 points after passing the driving test, 1 point away from losing it until the increase of 12 points maximum in 12 months.
  • One neglected yellow 1275cc brought for a project came face to face with a 4x4 Land Rover on the wrong side of the road around a corner.
  • One orange Mini Clubman 1275GT's doors got ripped by a side swipping JCB's front digger scoop at speed and spun 190 degrees that got a damaged middle frame ended up rotting in a field by the garage.

A red Citerion and a huge donut circle on the bonnet that had a big donut man in the middle nearly caught fire but came to a smokey stop and still managed to make it home after 8 litres of water supply.
One Rover Metro 1.4D that found it difficult to get up-hills due to red desiel addiction had its radio go missing after a head on collision with trailer and tractor going the wrong way up a hill, I was the owner.
Two Puch Maxi 50cc mopeds have belonged to me, they even had pedels on, still, not so good up-hills.
Stylish 1.3 Ford Fiesta with in-built CD player mostly used for transporting substances I was proud of, till the head on collision into a headge and trees, also the head on collision that was oviously half thier fault in thick snow and ice into a 4x4.
I was blessed by the curtasy car company with 3 month of forgetting to take back thier car, got a broken wing mirror and a stand off with a farmer on a single track road with travelling plans that resulted in police arrest after drawing, drinking, eating chocolate and living in for months.
A big white LDV Maxis long-wheelbase van for space enough to live in the back was used for moving large amounts of goods from one location too another and to take a girl friends kid to school.
125cc Yamaha YZR motorbike was used for training purposes to progress to a higher skill and ability.
One highly customized 600cc Yamaha YZF Thundercat explored and searched near by areas for new places and adventures to entertain and failed which got traded for a computer that got thrown away.

Dispite never being outside of the UK, I have been around the country, sort of.
Most North West part of Ireland was the first places I went too which was longer distance than the local shop. Admired for the flags and artwork from the bottom, all the way to the top of what each place represented or stood for, looking out of the bus window.
Visted some village & noticed from the road, straw roofs on round houses that looked like I could live in and still has 1 dinosaw resident so it is believed.
Headed East direction of England to Northfok where some Aunt and Cousin's had been found, they moved to Wales where I was living adventually followed by more later.
Marooned at adventure holiday package deep in the West of Wales I found myself outside covered in mud, sticks and forest pines. Being freezing cold and presented with the most difficult of challenges in the deep forest in the dark, pushed forward to do mass amounts of exersise and met some interesting characters.
Sespiciously mothered into a christian camp where no time was wasted with introduction to brain washing, other people and broken girls was on the cards for a no escaping breakaway.
Many short visits have been made to unknown destinations in a car sutiable at the time for walks and various mischief.
A few visits to the theme park Oakwood in West Wales have happened, making the most of roller coasters, water slides, different types of boats, expensive food & drink, gold panning, video gaming and gambling.

When computer was called Amiga, I had a 500+, 600 and 1200, gained 500+ disks of games, demos, electronic art music videos and odd interesting programs quickly.
Collected a few magazines and other Amiga's but some broke but managed to create another one from 3 others which I was proud of.
I had a slow PC which spent most of the time in the computer shop chilling out from playing rally games, till one day I started to fix it.
Spending a lot of time on the computer, I had to miss school to aquire the time to play the games at an early age.
Got a Playstation 1 and spent some time gaining skills while spending the time.
Taking a interest in graphics I brought a scanner & printer from the local town which worked with my computer which was rare.
Enjoying the creating of nice unique semetric pattern formations and printing them with some graphic software called Photoshop was a favourite pass time.
Putting a computer bits together for upgrades and problem solving when things went wrong with software became frequent.
After looking deep into the computer, found the web. Thought website creating went along with graphic design so decided to learn't programming as well.
Becoming adiquate at repairing & changing PC's parts I putsome bits together making my own machine for my use.
Got a Playstation 2 and spent less time playing games and watched some DVDs with a mad friend I ran into.
Began work on website layout design and graphics together which I managed to grasp, so continued to CMS.
Got the CMS, interested continued and learn't new skills as technology developed in programming and found myself gaining skills of video, audio, webcam and API interation online.
Taking what I had learn't previously as work experience I became self employed with a side project which involved creating a complete Interactive Internal Communication, Application, Management & Support feature for running and maintaining you through your entire life from one site available 24/7 online.
I did own a Amiga 1200 with HD TV adaptor, 2x4gig flash drives, x4 accelerator, workbench 3.1 and 3.1 chipset which I made and works but throw away with lots of original boxed games by irritation and annoyance.
I had a Nintendo DS and 3DS I held on to with too many games that ended up at the porn shop sold for less than half price paid.
Having a PC to do work with and play a game on sometimes that breaks down a lot and runs into problems most the time which I have to fix.
There are website services here that are available.

Being inside at times I make use of my landlords interior using material, one staple gun and somethings I found in shops.
Buying pieces of fabric, cutting jumpers that have colourful patterns on even hand painted artwork is fantanstic to cover those stained white walls, I prefer abstract paintings.
Painting furniture black brings out other colours and offers highlighting opputunities for LED lighting in dark lite rooms.
Having reliable plastic planting in dark corners sure doe's bring out the nature of the room.
Antiques, glass and memoriabelia are grand for filling up the room giving the eye something to look at.
Customising furniture, using all the room and creating accessable sections giving a spacious feel is important.
D.I.Y. is handy to know for maintaining a fully functional space at all times.
Buying tools that are going to last and maintain the place you will be in is worth having around in-case anything were to happen.
Having places to store your items where they cannot be visually seen gives you more security inside the room and allowing you to place heavier furniture and objects ontop.
Using the outside of the room for main furniture will open up the center for more space to move or even seperation into other smaller rooms or walkways.

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