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By learning Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, SQL DATABASE, CMS Adminastration, video, audio and webcam live streaming, Web Email, API payment and SMS/TEXT gateway communications and world map pin-points for a interactive website..

Brochure Site
Design of the graphics for your website that exist or are newly created for the look of the site.
PHP & HTML coded website with pages, photos, video, audio & links featuring your content that you provide.
Dynamic form to receive messages sent directly from website visitors to your email.
Support, hosting, domain registeration and future expansion plans anytime.

Online Private Area
With your own password gain access to your protected area where you will be able to carry out your work.
Custom CMS programs or applications built to control the website from the private area.
Change text, what information is requested from your visitor, add pages even post news live.
Have all the other + offers available to control parts of your website in one secure private login area hosted online 24/7.

+ Online Shop
Unlimited listed products on your site with passworded private login area with the ability to add / delete / modify the products instantly.
Built with PHP, SQL database & HTML coded, this basic online shop allows your ideas and requirements to be added in the future.
A - Z dynamic listing style as required for the products or services while being intergrated into your website.

+ Shopping Cart
Allow customers on your website to add products to thier shopping cart, adding up the quantity & prices.
Intergrated API bank gateway or Paypal cart API intergration for payment to you from the shopping cart checkout, instantly online.
Manage payments via private login area or by Paypal's website account option.

+ Google Map
Add a map to your site allows you to instantly bring up area information on a single click.
Use of UK towns, street names, postcodes in a click within a radius.
Place pins in the map of locations where your visitors can click and see the information about the place.

+ Live Webcams
Two person interactive webcam giving you the chance to experience communication via the web.
allowing you to visually see and hear another person on your site through the web.
Host your own meeting room, available for two or more at once, live, on a single webpage.

+ Text / SMS Gateway
Recieve text messages from your site visitors and directly send text messages to mobile phones via your site.
Have your own name displayed as the 'From' instead of your mobile phone number.
Top-up by purchasing text messages before using them.

+ Payment Gateway
Communicate directly with your bank online and see all you would but on your own website.
Send and recieve payments to another person or organisation when you want too.
Instant website transactions by you and your bank on your own website in your own secure private area.
See statements and previous transactions on what has happened in your bank and what you have done.

Short Writing
Written short paragraphs, provided corrections and updates on your websites content, it's features and services it may offer.
Creating a slogan or catchphrase that will work with a given organisation name or logo that is provided or that been created previously.

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