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A basic CV of previous education and activities.

Alexander Duncan Ordhume

36 years young ( 06/05/1984 )

Relationship Status

Northampton, England

Previous Address Locations
2 locations in and near Crymych of West Wales
1 location in Pembroke Dock of West Wales
4 times homeless with nowhere to live
1 location outside Cardigan Town of Wales
3 locations in Northampton, England

Education (Wales)
Pottery Night Class
Basket Weaving Night Class
Mynachlog Ddu Primary School
Narbeth Primary School
Whitland Secondary School
Cardigan College
Computer Repair Shop Work Experience
Pembrokeshire College

C&G Maths
GCSE; English, IT, Maths
GNVQ: Intermediate ICT
1 year in Higher Intermediate ICT Education ( Half a Degree )
1 year sitting in on a Higher Degree ICT Education

Driving License ( Expired )

    13+ Years Driving License
  • 10 years car road experience
  • 5 years small-goods and long wheelbase van road experience
    4 Years Motorbike License
  • 1 year 125cc Motorbike road experience
  • 3 years 600cc Motorbike road experience

Previous Work
8+ years gardening, landscaping, land preperation digging, vegetable growing, manual farm fencing, farm building maintainance and painting work
8+ years Neutralizing hunger, thirst and cleaning filth from in-door animals that are dog, puppies and horses
4+ years residental, commercial and industrial cleaner; Cleaning, equipting vans for the day, dedicated van driver, picking up employees, transporting 1-4 employees and equiptment to work places
2+ years HTML5, video, audio, graphic, webcam and programming of websites as self employed
1 month early morning bakery
2 weeks computer DSL network telephone customer support

Arts & Crafts
9+ years drawing freehand with pencil and colouring-in
4+ years pencil outline and shading design
3+ years pyrography craft product creation of; Keyring, coaster, doorhanger, decoration, doorsign
2+ years jewellery and knot weaving craft creation of; Earring, necklace, bracelet, anklet, survival knots

Self Taught
20+ years food, drink and sweets cooking
10+ years HTML/Javascript/CSS websites with CMS administration backend control creating
5+ years Graphic design/PHP5/SQL database live interactive programming
3+ years free voluntary gardens maintainance of strimming fields, hedge cutting and flowers
1+ years HTML5/Video/Webcam/Audio live interactions

Interests & Hobbies
I relax making the products, graphics, websites and such you will see on Lexx.TV and this website along with relaxation music listening, online multiplayer gaming, gardening, long walks and car leisure driving.
find more in-depth information on my Hobbies on this website.

About Myself
I enjoy being creative everyday, making the most of my time to keep active and share my experiences with others.

Currently living and was born in Northampton, however, I grew up in the middle of nowhere in West Wales, UK from the age of 3 to 26 but glad to be in Northampton where I get up to all kinds of crafts.

I have been a driver of cars, small vans, motorbikes and long wheel-based vans for adventure, work and discovery to places that I have not been before; sometimes getting lost in the process. I do not currently hold a driving license for either car or motorbike but could get one, they expired.

Being young I had to learn to cook too eat and have since, creating new recipe ideas and I share them on the Cookery page.

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